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Signature Cocktail Experience

Enjoy your favourite cocktail as you like it, when you like it, in the comfort and privacy of your room.

Try your hand at shaking up a Fullerton Sling, our version of the Singapore Sling with Gin, Cherry Brandy, Benedict DOM and Pineapple Juice, topped with a splash of Lime Juice and Syrup. Or how about a Merlion Cocktail, with heady Tequila balanced with Ginger Juice, Lime Juice and Syrup?

Priced at S$30++ per person; two days' advance notice required. Available only at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Please contact the Reservations Team to book your Signature Cocktail Experience: | (65) 6533 8388

Please note that this experience is available only for in-house hotel guests.