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Plastic ACTion commitment (PACT)

We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic by 2030. Together with the World Wildlife Fund, we have signed a Plastic ACTion commitment (PACT) agreement and commit to:

  • Support a circular economy by moving to 100 percent reusable or recyclable product and packaging design models by 2020
  • Remove plastics from nature by making a positive net impact
  • Support conservation, innovation and research projects related to plastics

We will reduce or eliminate plastic use by:

  • Reducing consumption of single-use plastic by 50 percent by 2022
  • Reducing the use of plastic bottles hotel-wide by 2022  
  • Advocating design packaging which is carbon neutral/positive, circular and/or actively reduce plastics in nature
  • Utilising property-centralised procurement to ensure all plastic item alternatives are validated and have supporting documentation