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Fullerton Cocktails: Red Lantern

Staying home doesn’t mean that happy hour has to end. Enjoy this signature treat from The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. 

Fullerton Cocktails: Red Lantern

Layered with a refreshing blend of fruity flavours, the tequila-based Red Lantern cocktail is the perfect way to end off a long day.

Or think of it as a way to take a sip of Singapore’s history. A signature cocktail that’s served at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore’s Lantern rooftop bar, the Red Lantern was inspired by the iconic Clifford Pier, which is now part of the hotel.

Once a key landing point for early immigrants and seafarers who were arriving in Singapore, Clifford Pier was famously lit by red lanterns that provided illumination for the shoreward journey. It was affectionately referred to as ‘Red Lantern Pier’ amongst locals. The original red lanterns can still be found adorning The Clifford Pier today. 

Now, you can enjoy happy hour at home with your own Red Lantern.

2 slices of cucumber
45ml tequila
15ml lime juice
25ml sugar syrup
90ml watermelon juice 

Add all ingredients in a mixer and shake vigorously. Pour into a glass and garnish with cucumber slices.