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Step Up Your Self-Care Game

Creating a conducive environment at home is important, but you can’t stay well if you don’t take care of your body first. Follow these tips to relax your mind and clear your senses.

Step Up Your Self-Care Game

Start with a Soak

If you’re feeling rundown or under the weather, optimise your bathing experience by massaging a capful of oil all over your body before you step into a warm bath or shower. Inhale slowly and deeply, feeling your senses start to clear.

For a calming bath ritual, try Aromatherapy Associate’s Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil, hand-blended with high concentrations of refreshing and clarifying Pine, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. Perfect for easing any feelings of stuffiness.

Turn on Your Diffuser

Using a diffuser is a great way to create the uplifting ambience that you need, and using a fragrance can also really help set your mind into a routine. Diffuse different blends at different times of the day to tune your brain to the stages of your day.

Bring Your Blend with You

The key to staying physically and mentally well is to make sure your body gets plenty of rest and as much sunlight, fresh air and nature as possible. Going out might be difficult for now, but having your blend with you (a roller ball works great) can definitely come in handy.

Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education & Wellbeing for Aromatherapy Associates, loves using a roller ball to boost breath work. “Simply roll your blend onto your wrists, behind ears and onto your chest. Bring your wrists to your nose and inhale deeply for 4 seconds, hold your breath in for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, and hold your breath out for 4 seconds,” she says.

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At the award-winning Fullerton Spa located at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, our therapists are dedicated to providing exceptional treatment with products by UK-based company, Aromatherapy Associates. All products are paraben free and made with natural ingredients consisting the purest extracts and essential oils. Find out more about The Fullerton Spa here.