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At Jade, Dining is Both a Culinary and Artistic Experience

A chef, sculptor, ceramicist, painter and calligrapher, Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng is a master of both food and fine art.

At Jade, Dining is Both a Culinary and Artistic Experience

Step into Jade restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and you’ll immediately be greeted by soft teal and white hues and an elegant spring-inspired décor drawing on East and West. Aptly named after the precious gemstone that represents balance and harmony (among other things), this award-winning restaurant serves Cantonese-style cuisine featuring a harmonious mix of fresh, premium flavours.

Chef posing in a dining area with carpeted floors at Fullerton GroupJade is helmed by Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng, a talented culinary master who has been with the restaurant since it first opened in 2008. With a culinary training that’s grounded in Cantonese traditions, Chef Leong delivers an authentic gastronomic experience characterised by his masterful prowess with the wok, the meticulous execution of traditional techniques and the ability to draw inspiration from diverse cultures into his cooking.

Cantonese fare is a big part of the diverse Chinese cuisines that exist in multicultural Singapore today and can be found all across the island, from heartland hawker centres to upscale restaurants. Cantonese restaurants have grown around the social tradition of yum cha (or “drink tea” in Cantonese), which involves family and friends gathering to drink tea as they enjoy a variety of dishes.

This ambience is exactly what you can experience at Jade as you indulge in signature dishes such as wok-fried Boston lobster served with springy egg noodles, steamed seabass with preserved black bean sauce and roasted duck with sweet plum sauce.

Variety of dishes served on a table at Fullerton Group     Close-up of a meat dish served at Fullerton Group   

Close-up of Boston Lobster Egg Noodles dish served at Fullerton Group    Close-up of a duck meat dish served at Fullerton Group

Decoration made on a dining table at Fullerton GroupOutside of the kitchen, Chef Leong is equally talented, with an artistic repertoire that spans painting, Chinese calligraphy and sculpting. If you look closely, you’ll discover that the 120-seater restaurant is lined with Chef Leong’s pottery masterpieces. Guests are also often treated to a display of his intricate gelatin sculptures of birds and other animals which are elegantly presented with his dishes.

In fact, Jade’s specially commissioned wallpaper, which features a Chinoiserie design of nine bird species native to Singapore, was inspired by a gelatin table centerpiece that Chef Leong once crafted.

At Jade, dining is both a culinary and artistic experience.

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At Home with Jade Signatures & Fullerton Specials

When it comes to staying in, few things beat having a gourmet meal in the comfort of home. Now, you can enjoy your favourite dishes from Jade and Town Restaurant, delivered straight to your doorstep.