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Wardrobe Inspiration: Travel the World in Style

Learn how travel photographer Christina Tan travels in style as she shares her tips on how you can dress your best for any type of vacation. 

Wardrobe Inspiration: Travel the World in Style

Have you been dreaming of your next holiday? To help us get inspired for our future travels, we spoke to travel photographer Christina Tan—a Travel + Leisure Social Ambassador and Forbes Travel Guide Top Instagram Influencer—who has traversed the globe and amassed a breath-taking collection of images featuring some of the most stunning places on the planet.

Learn how Christina travels in style as she shares her tips on how you can dress your best for any type of vacation. 

You've travelled to so many beautiful places around the world. What inspired you to travel for a living?

My desire to travel began when I was in high school. I watched a lot of movies and read so many books and travel magazines. My favourite books were by American author Sidney Sheldon, because he wrote about women all over the world who were talented, capable and powerful. My favourite movie, Mission Impossible, played a big part in inspiring me to travel to European destinations.

I majored in Fashion Merchandising in school, and I was constantly flipping through fashion magazines filled with glamourous models posing against the most beautiful landscapes. The busy demands of being in the fashion industry meant that I could only escape for short weekend breaks to pamper and rejuvenate at luxury resorts and spas. That was how I fell in love with luxury travel.

We’re all constantly dreaming about new places that we want to visit. What are some of the top destinations in your travel bucket list?

At the moment, the top destinations on my travel bucket list include some parts of Italy that I have yet to visit, such as Puglia and Portofino.

Portofino is a fishing village on the Italian Riviera, southeast of Genoa. Its piazza, which overlooks a superyacht-lined harbour, is fringed with beautiful pastel-coloured houses, high-end boutiques and seafood restaurants. I’ve been to Cinque Terre which is nearby, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to visit this beautiful village. Portofino would be the perfect post-quarantine getaway!  

Portofino, Italy

Puglia, which lies in the southern region of Italy, is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland and long Mediterranean coastline. There are many amazing places to visit here—including Capital Bari, a vibrant port and university town; Lecce, which is known for its baroque architecture; and Alberobello, which is famous for its distinctive stone huts known as “trulli”. I’ve been to most parts of Italy but I haven’t been there, so I really hope I have the chance to visit.

Italy is my favourite country and I feel like I have to complete my “travel mission” there! I also want to do my part to help the local tourism industry there to bounce back, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are your top three tips to pack light and dress well?

Firstly, pack your wardrobe in one set of coordinated colours—my favourite colour combination is black and white. Secondly, add in colourful scarves or shawls to make a statement. Lastly, remember to bring along some accessories and quality shoes. Adding these to your outfit really makes a difference! I also always bring along a brightly-coloured jacket to add some variety.

What are your tips to capture the perfect selfie, even when you’re travelling solo?

Taking the perfect selfie on your own requires a whole lot of determination. I usually fix my camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter release to capture my picture.

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A maxi dress, a few matching tops and skirts, a chic jacket, a pair of stylish sandals, comfortable shoes and lots of accessories.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore 

Taormina, Italy

Swimwear, a light cover-up (such as a kaftan), a dress, flip flops, a stylish pair of sandals and sunglasses to protect yourself from those UV rays. 

The Maldives

A layer of thin thermal inner wear, a light jacket or sweater, and two pairs of good quality outerwear (I love Moncler and Canada Goose). A shawl is a must. Cashmere and wool are perfect for keeping you warm during winter. I’d also pack a pair of fingerless gloves (this makes photo-taking a lot easier) and two pairs of boots—one for sightseeing and one for a formal dinner. 

Männlichen, Switzerland

New York City, US

Most importantly, a comfortable pair of shoes. I love wearing sneakers and low-heeled boots on my travels because I spend a lot of time walking on different terrains. I’d also recommend packing a t-shirt, a pair of pants and a long-sleeved jacket. It can get very hot during the day and very cold at night in the desert, so make sure to bring clothes that you can layer. 

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

A simple silk, cotton or jersey dress, along with comfortable tops and bottoms. You’ll be wearing a bathrobe most of the time, after all! Many people think linen is a good option but I feel it wrinkles too easily!


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