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The Hotel is pleased to offer a “Best Rate Guarantee” for reservations directly booked on our website,  For a claim to be valid under the Best Rate Guarantee, it must satisfy all of the terms and conditions listed below (the "Terms & Conditions"):

  • A claim must be submitted within 24 hours after making the initial reservation through and at least 48 hours before the reservation arrival.  The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any reservation made within 48 hours of arrival.  The “initial reservation” refers to the original reservation directly made on our website and does not include any modified or cancelled reservation.
  • The Competing Rate (refers to the lower rate on another website) must be for the same hotel, same room type (including but not limited to similar room size, bedding, views), same amenities, same rate plan and rules, same number of guests, same stay dates and period and same booking terms (including but not limited to cancellation policy). 
  • The Competing Rate must be bookable on another website and available to the general public.  Advertised or enquiry-only rates do not qualify. The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to rates found offline, corporate rates, group rates, membership rates, promotional rates for selected individuals, direct mail or email solicitations or other rates that are not available to the general public.  The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to taxes, gratuities, or any additional charges or fees that may apply to guest’s stay. The Hotel reserves the right to deny a claim if the availability of the Competing Rate cannot be independently verified at the time when the claim is processed.
  • The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to packaged rates.  Packaged rates include Hotel accommodation sold as part of a travel package in which the Hotel does not provide all services (including but not limited to airfare and/or car rental) and Hotel accommodation sold with additional amenities (including but not limited to breakfast and/or Internet service).
  • If the Competing Rate is in a different currency from the rate booked on (“Hotel’s Booked Rate”), the Competing Rate will be converted into the same currency as the Hotel’s Booked Rate using the exchange rate as published on at the time when the initial reservation is made.  Discrepancies may occur between Hotel’s Booked Rate  and the Competing Rate due to differences in exchange rate sources. The Hotel reserves the right to deny the claim where the rate difference is solely due to currency exchange calculation.
  • The Hotel may deny a claim where the rate difference is less than one percent (1%) of the Hotel’s Booked Rate.
  • The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to reservations booked on or through third party websites.  The Hotel takes no responsibility for any fees associated with the reservation or cancellation on or through third party websites.
  • A claim can only be submitted via the online Best Rate Guarantee Claim Form on  The online Form shall be completed and submitted within 24 hours from the making of the initial reservation for processing.  Claim verification will be made within two (2) working days of receiving the claim.  
  • For any valid claim, the Hotel will adjust the Hotel’s Booked Rate for matching or refund the rate difference if prepaid by guest.  The Hotel takes no responsibility or liability for any other costs and expenses incurred or suffered by guest in connection herewith or incidental hereto. 

The Hotel reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to determine the validity of any claim and whether it meets the Terms & Conditions. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with The Best Rate Guarantee and the Terms & Conditions must be brought in the jurisdiction where the Hotel is situated and is subject to its local law.