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We are committed to continuously improving energy and water efficiency, reducing emissions, and minimising waste throughout our operations. 


Examples of sustainability initiatives that have been implemented at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore or The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore include:

  • Upgrading to LED lights in 2021, which has helped to lower energy consumption and achieve energy savings
  • Retrofitting The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s air-conditioning system to water-cooled chillers, which has helped to achieve better energy efficiency
  • Implementation of water-efficient fittings which has helped to achieve better water efficiency
  • Installing of digital water sub-meters within The Fullerton Hotel Singapore to monitor water consumption levels in areas such as cooling towers, laundry, kitchens, and the swimming pool
  • Making waste recycling bins available within the hotels, including guestrooms and back-of-house areas
  • Installing food digesters in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s kitchens to reduce food waste
  • Partnering with food rescue organisations to distribute surplus food to those in need  
  • Collaborating with Clean the World to recycle used soap bars and redistribute them to developing nations
  • Partnering with Nespresso to recycle used coffee capsules
  • Use of products that are certified by the Singapore Green Building Council to be sustainable, including paint and termite protection barriers
  • Signing of a Plastic ACTion commitment (PACT) agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore, committing to reduce the use of single-use plastics by 2030
  • Using alternative or reusable materials to replace single-use plastic items in guestrooms, dining outlets and meeting venues, as well as eliminating the use of plastic bottles across the hotel
  • Incorporating biophilic features into the hotel spaces to promote the health and well-being of guests and employees as well as a koi pond
  • Making available an electric vehicle charging station since 2018


Examples of sustainability initiatives that have been implemented at The Fullerton Hotel Sydney include:

  • Partnering with OzHarvest, a not-for-profit organisation that is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. The Fullerton Hotel Sydney donates unused produce and surplus banqueting foods to OzHarvest which reduces food wastage in landfills and feeds those in need
  • Over 60 percent of our food including produce, meat and fish is locally sourced. The Fullerton Hotel Sydney strives to support suppliers in the community by using quality local products at our outlets and events
  • Installing recycling bins in our kitchens and offices. This initiative empowers staff to consider their use of resources and reduces waste being sent to landfills
  • Partnering with Stationery Aid to establish a paper pen recycling program. Our biodegradable pens are collected and distributed to school students who need educational resources
  • Facilitating the use of electric vehicle charging stations for our guests during their stay 
  • Implementing the use of paperless check-in and check-out for our guests. This creates a streamlined experience for our guests and reduces the amount paper waste
  • In 2024, The Fullerton Hotel Sydney committed to the Sydney Single-Use Platinum Pledge. The hotel has committed to phasing out eight single-use items throughout its guestrooms and operations
  • Replacing single-use plastic items in the guestrooms with alternative wheat-based bathroom amenities