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Fullerton Cocktails: Sydney Sling

Treat yourself to a refreshing all-Australian afternoon cocktail that's specially created to mark the opening of The Fullerton Hotel Sydney.

Fullerton Cocktails: Sydney Sling

Close-up of two Sydney Sling cocktails served at The Fullerton Hotel SydneyEveryone knows that Sydneysiders love a cocktail, so it’s only fitting that we’ve created one that’s perfect for a midday treat: the Sydney Sling.

This delicious concoction is The Fullerton Hotel Sydney’s twist on the famed Singapore Sling, a gin-based cocktail that has long become Singapore’s hallmark drink, and is a nod to The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts’ Singaporean roots.

Sweet with a touch of spice, the Sydney Sling is filled to the brim with unique flavours from Australia (think ginger and Australian gin) and is the ultimate cocktail to spruce up your stay-home afternoon.

45ml of your favourite gin (we use Four Pillars 58.8 Gin)
15ml hibiscus liqueur
10ml ginger liqueur
45ml blood orange juice
25ml fresh lime juice
10ml fresh ginger juice
10ml grenadine
20ml sugar syrup 

Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake together vigorously for five seconds. Strain into a glass over ice and enjoy.