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Living Colours: Botanical Ink-making

In this botanical ink-making and appreciation workshop, engage your senses of seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling, as you interact with edible plants found in the Fullerton Farm! Apply simple ink extraction techniques to create your own artworks with inks from the plants. Guests will use colour modifiers to experiment with the transitory nature of botanical inks, and discover the unique range of tones a single plant can give. 
Available on the following dates: 
June 2021: 26 June
July 2021: 10 July, 31 July 
August 2021: 21 August
Time: 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Price: S$40 per person, S$75 for 2 persons
Venue: East Garden, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 

Workshops are subject to availability and pre-payment is required to confirm your registration. A minimum of four people are required to start a session. Participants aged 4 and below must be accompanied by 1 parent. Participants aged 5 and up will be considered as 1 pax. 
Please make your reservation at least 7 days in advance by emailing Pre-payment must be made at least 5 days prior to your reserved timeslot in order to secure your booking. Thereafter, any cancellations or no-shows will incur the full charge. 

Please note that this experience is available only for in-house hotel guests.