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Support A Circular Economy – EcoBricks

Only 11% of all the plastic waste in Hong Kong is recycled, and 80% of the global plastic waste in our oceans comes from Asia. We can build a greener future with EcoBricks.

EcoBricks has founded a unique solution with the ability to recycle all seven types of plastic waste (including mixed plastics and composite plastics which were considered non-recyclable) . Plastic waste that would otherwise go to landfill is upcycled into sustainable concrete, using 100% cold processing (meaning no heating, no emissions and no pollutants), which is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

In partnership with Sino Inno Lab, The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong constructed an Eco Brick Path using 2,800 EcoBricks. A total of 862 kilograms of plastic from 30 old washing machines and 38 road barriers had been upcycled to produce the eco-friendly concrete bricks on this path, saving them from going to landfills.