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The Fullerton Farm

Located at the East Garden of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, the Fullerton Farm is specially designed and built with sustainability and guest experience in mind.

Learn about the possibilities of growing food within our city and discover how the farm brings biodiversity into the urban environment.

From familiar fruit, plant and herb species like Papaya, Spinach and Rosemary to unique varieties like Custard Apple, Chiku and Vallaris Glabra, the plants here have been carefully chosen to excite the senses. A diverse array of fresh, tasty and nutritious ingredients is grown, harvested, and used for creative cocktails, garnishes and dishes.

All maintenance and care is done naturally and organically. We do not use any chemical pesticide or fertiliser, and the harvested produce is safe for human consumption.

Materials used in the garden’s build have also been carefully selected to be durable and sustainable. The planters are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which have the elegant appearance of wood, but are actually much hardier. These planters are weather-resistant and last many years longer compared to real wood planters, which start to break down in two to three years. All parts will be recycled when the planters wear down.