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Single-Use Platinum Pledge

We are delighted to share our commitment to the Sydney Single-Use Platinum Pledge. Devised by City of Sydney to reduce the impact of single-use plastics on the environment, over 50 Sydney businesses have joined us in signing the pledge.

Under the Platinum Pledge, the hotel will introduce eight initiatives to reduce the use of single-use items throughout its guestrooms and operations:

  • Eliminate plastic straws 
  • Eliminate plastic serveware, including takeaway containers and expanded polystyrene    
  • Eliminate plastic utensils 
  • Eliminate single-use plastic bags 
  • Remove single-use samples and giveaways   
  • Make free tap water refills available to all in the lobby
  • Prioritise reusable cups for hot and cold drinks 

Introduce a stationary recycling scheme by caring for the environment we operate in, we can create an enriching experience for our guests and our people.