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A Mini fridge filled with variety of beverages at Fullerton Sydney
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Choose from a variety of delicious snacks from the convenience of your room.


Champagne - A$85.00

White Wine - A$29.50

Red Wine - A$29.50

Local Beer - A$12.50

Premium Beer - A$12.50

Cider - A$11.50

Cola - A$6.50

Sugar-Free Cola - A$6.50

Sparkling Water - A$9.00

Spring Water - A$9.00

Coconut Water - A$7.00

Juice - A$7.00

Energy Drink - A$7.00

Chocolate - A$5.00

Chips - A$5.00


Bottle Opener - A$20.00

Phone Charger (on request) - A$39.00

International Power Adaptor (on request) - A$39.00