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Green Meetings

In 2023, The Fullerton Hotel Sydney enacted innovative sustainability solutions to reduce consumption of single-use plastics (SUP) by 50 percent across our events and meetings.

Events and functions held in our meeting rooms are encouraged to go paperless with the aid of our audio-visual systems and television displays. In addition, we provide recyclable paper on request to reduce the amount of paper

We have partnered with Stationery Aid to establish a paper pen recycling program. Our biodegradable pens are collected from events and distributed to school students who need educational resources. 

We have revamped our amenity selection so that it does not feature disposable plastics, instead opting for a selection of house-made chocolate, organic fruit and nut section and mints packaged in recyclable containers. Any corporate branded material including bottles, pens, notebooks and bags are collected and donated to charity. We also provide refillable water bottles to reduce the use of disposable bottles.